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Hiding questions

Hiding questions in your survey can be done so that only certain participants will have that question presented to them. You can hide questions in your survey by restricting your publications, creating conditions or populating a response.



When creating or editing a publication, there will be a section titled Hide Certain Questions and Content from Publication. This section gives you the option to hide specific questions or content from your respondents. In this way, you can create multiple publications using the same survey that ask separate questions or omit some questions when they are not needed. Assume you have a survey that contains two questions asking for the respondent's name and email address. If you want to create a data set publication for this survey that uses invitations, you may already have this information for those respondents. In this case, you could select these questions in the publication editor to hide them from display. Any respondent that then takes the survey through your data set publication would not view these questions, whereas those respondents who encounter the survey through a standard web site link or other publication would be asked for their name and email address.


Populating a response

You can hide specific questions when populating a response.

Data set invitations

When creating invitations for a data set publication, it is possible to populate a question using each data set record. Once you have populated a question, you will see that one of the options is hide question from respondent. If you select this option, you are then presented with another option to hide the question only when populated with a valid answer. If you select that option, it will not hide the question unless a valid answer has been populated via the invitation's data set record. Otherwise, the question will never be shown, regardless of whether there is a valid response to it or not.

Link or form

When populating a response using a link or form (either on your web site or in an email) you will either be modifying the link to the survey by adding a query string or modifying a hidden form field named _POSTPREPOPULATE. You will need to know the Question ID in order to hide questions using this method. To hide a specific question, add the following code to this string, replacing [question id] with the actual question ID.

hq=[question id]

If you only wish to hide the question in the event it has been completed and stored in the database, use the following instead:

hqc=[question id]


Assume you want to hide questions with IDs of 87, 94 and 107. But you only want to hide question 107 if it has been completed with a valid response. In this case, your query string or form might look like:

Link using query string:

Embedded form:

<form method="POST" action="">
<input type="hidden" name="_POSTPREPOPULATE" value="hq=87&hq=94&hqc=107">


You cannot hide a Redirect question when populating a response. You must omit it from the publication or use conditions in the survey logic in order to do this.