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3 biggest mistakes to make gold buyers

As a former gold-broker - nyc silver buyers I talked with thousands of gold and silver would be buyers. It never ceased to amaze me that even those who had already bought a lot of gold or silver to some of the same mistakes many new gold buyer make.

For some go on, there was a certain element of luck that at the end can protect them from serious harm, but if they do not learn well, do a better job, it's only a matter of time before he catches up nyc jewelry buyers with them, and they get burned.

For including the gold and silver they had on the prices they paid for sell will probably never be again. They are permanently under water ... Losses guaranteed.

Like many choices there are a few things that those decisions, that a buyer has control over influence. One is how much they know about what they buy. The products - coins, ingots, coins, ingots, etc. .. The market is in - commodity and financial investments and the delivery vehicles or as they participate in the market - brokers, dealers, internet etc. ..

The second is, is motivation or emotion. It is well known in the industry that are the most gold and silver and other precious metals investors from the emotions of fear and / or greed works. With anxiety, people are looking primarily for the protection, with the greed, they expect to make a lot of money. Precious metals buyers usually fall into one of these two camps, but of course can divide by two. Even those who want protection against a total collapse currency in order to make money with their gold hope, silver or other precious metals begin metals.

The problems here ... too little knowledge with too much emotion. So, the three largest gold buyer error:

1. Make a decision to gold or silver, without taking the time to .... the products, markets and sales processes learn to buy too little information. Until recently, finding the right information was almost impossible. Most information is offered to educate buyers will be offered for sale by companies, the gold, silver and other precious metals. They will not teach you what to do better buyers if they things like how the products are priced well, how to use a broker, how to negotiate to determine a fair price, what are the right products for you and your specific situation . Everything they write is to sell you something pointed and each trader has preferences .... Gold bullion, coins, gold and platinum ... whatever. And they want to know not to annoy others in the industry so that they would never go to great lengths to show you why certain products are almost always a bad idea. I truly believe I have alleviated this problem to a great extent.

Second Procrastination and "herd" mentality. Over the last week of the gold price has fallen by almost 10%. This is a perfect time to work really hard at first # Our best estimates are that less than 3% of the population owns gold. But last year the theme is gathered more attention than it has done for the past 30 years. The problem is, it is beyond most people's experience, and so they think they need to hear this again soon figure. But they will not. You take a snippet here or there a snippet, and to zero, but in some time and get educated, and some measures calculated over a conscious effort ... they will wait until it is madness and buy all the reasons I will be writing for years, why they should have some gold, true, and like lemmings - pile into it at the top of the market ... or even on the downside.

3. Emotions are an important player in all financial decisions to a certain extent, but they rank very high in the gold and silver markets. Come on, is golden. For over 5000 years it has always been associated with wealth and status in connection. Gold brokers are professional managers emotion. And although they understand and use greed to sell a lot of gold, is the fear of the more dangerous of the two - at least when it comes to you and the rest of the 97% who do not own gold. I study the markets for a living and I can not overemphasize how serious the global economy today. We have never been where we are just now finding. There is more ammunition for the economic fear-informed decisions about at least since the 1930s, if not always good and the gold-brokers are there with their big day. Much of the information that they will use the typical person do not know or understand, much of which is true. They represent the reasons that you will learn in detail about precious metals and should now prepare a personal plan. But most of you do not. They will wait until fear reached its peak then jump in and buy what sells a good Gold Market Brokers. And many of you will never break even.

I have the means to change this for you. In a few hours from a single source, you are very far down the scale towards the success of precious metals.

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3 biggest mistakes to make gold buyers
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