U.S. History Quiz

1. When was the Declaration of Independence written?
1756 1765 1776

2. The first president of the United States was inaugurated in ...
1756 1776 1789

3. The Bill of Rights was a part of the original U.S. Constitution.
True False

4. What year was the first national election held in the U.S?
1776 1778 1789

5. Of the 160 national constitutions in the world, the U.S. constitution is the oldest.
True False

6. What was the population of the U.S. at the time of the first presidential term?
2.5 million 3.9 million 7.2 million
5.1 million

7. Who is the father of the U.S. constitution?
John Hancock Benjamin Franklin James Madison
Alexander Hamilton Samuel Adams

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