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Time, money and effort are important human resources. These are needed in abundance, especially while conducting research through surveys. The advent of survey software has helped save these valuable resources. It hardly takes any time to build, distribute and analyze the results of a survey. The costs of communication, stationery and personnel are drastically cut down while using survey software. However, survey software does not come entirely free.

With its matchless advantages, survey software is irresistible. Even students who need to conduct surveys are tempted to use it. Non-profit organizations, too, need it urgently. But they might not have the funds to purchase it. Companies who have funds might be skeptical to buy a new product and be unsure of satisfactory results. To every problem, there is an answer. A large number of vendors provide survey software online. Every one of them provides a free trial pack and money back guarantee after purchase. Users can try different packs and determine which one suits their needs best before making final payment. Students can use it free of cost for short assignments, without any obligation to subscribe.

Vendors do not provide all features in free survey software. In most cases, there is a time limit of one month for trial. Some vendors offer a discounted price to students and non-profit NGOs. Unlimited free accounts are also available, but with many restrictions. For instance, they may set a limit to the number of questions and responses. If users cross the limits of a free account, the survey will continue but responses can be viewed only after the fee is paid. The responses cannot be downloaded. The time limit for each survey is only a few days. Only aggregated totals can be viewed, not the cross analysis or individual results. Customization, like colour fonts and logos, may not be possible.

Though the free survey software is limited in features, it gives users a good idea of what it is all about. It helps people decide what they actually want before they shell out money. For short surveys or student purposes, it is the ideal thing to go for. It is a great opportunity for all who want to get a taste of revolution in survey methods, thanks to survey software.

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