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Customer Service and Customer Surveys

Customer Service and Customer Surveys are a very interesting topic and it is amazing how much you can learn that you may not have even known about your own business by doing surveys. For instance iRobot makes those little vacuum cleaners for the house and they are indeed cool little tricky gadgets and the hottest item in personal tech in a long time.

The corporation iRobot had customer surveys to ask people what they liked, disliked and what they could do to improve it. Well, some of these surveys came back with bizarre notations. You see kids were buying them and using them for parts to make robots from robotic competitions?

On the section; “How do you rate its sucking power?” which the iRobot team cared very much about people left it blank? Some people said they bought it to entertain their dog or cat while they were away, others sent back pictures of their cat riding around on it or a dog toy that they glued to the top of it.

Well how did the company respond? Just like it should have, it thanked everyone for their surveys and asked them what they could do better. Now you can buy a special edition iRobot, which you can take apart and use for parts. And they have considered painting their vacuums like giant mice for the cats to chase around. Customer surveys work, if you use them right. Please consider all this in 2006.

Lance Winslow

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